Documentation: Durbuy

Investigation, persecution and judgment of environmental crimes

Durbuy, Belgium



The Netherlands

Co-operation on abatement of environmental crime  -  Gustaaf Biezeveld (ppt -141Kb)

United Kingdom

Executing Environmental Judgments in Criminal ProceedingsAnne Brosnan (ppt - 243Kb)


-          Réseau d’expertise environnement pour le ministère publicKathleen Desaegher (ppt - 572Kb)

-          Implementation of the Environmental Crime Directives in National Legislation: Prospects and Challenges
           – Michael G. Faure (ppt - 565Kb)

-          Criminal offence policy with respect to combating environmental offences in Belgium - Wouter Haelewyn (ppt - 7,1MB)

-          Service Environnement du Police judiciaire fédéraleRégis Kalut (ppt - 88Mb)


-          Organized international crime. Illegal trade of birds of prey: a case summaryJan Van den Berghe (ppt - 31,8Mb)


-          Fight against environmental offences Jo Gerardu (ppt - 954Kb)

-          Leaflet (pdf - 8Mb)

European Commission

The EU Fight against Environmental Crime – Directive 2008/99 - Helge Elisabeth Zeitler (ppt - 402Kb)

Directive 2008/99/EC on the protection of the environment through criminal law(1) Anna Karamat (ppt - 186Kb)


The European Union Forum of Judges for the EnvironmentL. Lavrysen (ppt - 51Kb)


Fiscalía Coordinadora de Medio Ambiente y Urbanismo - Antonio Vercher Noguera (ppt - 2,8Mb)





Conclusions and recommendations - Conclusions et recommandations - Roel Meeus

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